• UAB Kinomics Core
    UAB Kinomics Core

    Director: Christopher Willey, MD, PhD
    Email: cwilley@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-996-4417

    Operations/Technical: Joshua Anderson, PhD
    Email: janders7@uab.edu
    Phone:  996-9495

    Kinomics is the study of kinase signaling within cellular or tissue lysates. Kinomics can help elucidate cellular signaling pathways altered by treatment (i.e. drug or condition change), or for comparison of different phenotypes (i.e. proliferative vs. non- proliferative).  Our PamGene PamStation Kinomic Array platform measures the phosphorylation of 144 tyrosine or 144 serine/threonine kinase substrates that are imprinted on PamChip microarrays. Changes in individual peptide phosphorylation are imaged with FITC conjugated phosphospecific antibodies, and signal is computer quantified in BioNavigator. Lists of altered peptides are then exported and analyzed for probable upstream kinases with tools such as Kinexus Phosphonet, as well as advanced Pathway Analysis and network modeling using GeneGo MetaCore.

    PamGene Pamstation Kinomic Array Profiling

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    Comprehensive Cancer Center

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