• VSRC Machine Shop Module
    VSRC Machine Shop Module

    Director: Dr. Paul Gamlin
    Email: pgamlin@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-0322

    Website -   http://www.uab.edu/vsrc/support-modules

    Jerry Millican

    • design and fabrication of new research instruments
    • working together with the electronic and computer modules to develop optimized automatic computer-controlled servomechanisms
    • repair, modification, retooling, and replacement of parts of existing equipments
    • technical assistance for any kind of machine shop and mechanical needs, like sawing, drilling, milling and turning
    • assistance in the selection and purchasing of tools, parts, and other mechanical equipment

    Lathe, milling machine, band saws, etc.

    Center Affiliation
    Vision Science Research Center

    Grant Affiliation
    NIH/NEI P30EY03039

    Serves - Center Members Only