• Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics (MSP) Shared Facility
    Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics (MSP) Shared Facility

    Director: James Mobley
    Email: mobleyja@uab.edu
    Phone: 996-6363

    Niesje Larson, B.S. (Lab Manager)
    Email:  niesje@uab.edu
    Phone:  996-6213
    Location: THT 520

    Web Site: www.uab.edu/bmsf

    Whole Protein Analysis (non-digested, in solution):

    (A) High Throughput Protein Profiling using MALDI-Tof-MS (2-100kDa) for quality control (QC) studies or Biomarker Discovery Work (examples – Urine, Serum, Plasma, Saliva, EPS, CSF, tears, etc.)
    (B) Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS) and Histology Directed on-Tissue Protein Profiling by MALDI-MS (2-100kDa) (We section frozen tissue specimens, H&E stain, and carry out profiling in pathologic regions of interest, or the entire tissue section).
    (C) Terminal Sequencing, Top-Down, & Top-Down Directed Protein Identification.

    Peptide Analysis and Tandem MS/MS (i.e. enzymatic digests):

    (D) Protein ID by 1D-LC-ESI-MS/MS or MALDI-ToF/ToF-MS

    (E) Quantitative Proteomics by 1D- or 2D-LC-ESI MS/MS (Targeted, Label-free, Chemical or Metabolic Labels).

    (F) Post translational modification (PTM) Analysis by 1D-LC-ESI MS/MS with CID/ETD: (examples include sumoylation, phosphorylation, & glycosylation).