• UAB Neuroscience Molecular Detection Core
    UAB Neuroscience Molecular Detection Core

    Director: Terry L. Lewis
    Email: tlewis@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-996-6556

    Website - http://www.neurosciencecore.uab.edu/coreb.htm

    The NMDC provides assistance with protocol optimization involving all aspects of immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.  The core assists by helping determine optimal fixation conditions, tissue processing techniques, and experimental design for the detection of nervous system-associated molecules of interest to NINDS/NIH funded researchers. The NMDC will train researchers, students, and staff on the processes required to obtain high quality, reproducible results.

    Limited use of Microtome, Tissue Processor, Tissue embedding station
    Xmatrx Autostainer

    Center Affiliation
    Comprehensive Neuroscience Center

    Grant Affiliation
    P30 NS0474666

    Serves - Internal and External