• UAB Peptide Synthesis Core Facility
    UAB Peptide Synthesis Core Facility

    Director: G.M. Anantharamaiah, PhD
    Email: ananth@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-934-1884

    Palgunachari Mayakonda, Ph.D.

    This core facility is run by experienced peptide chemists with doctoral degrees in synthetic peptide chemistry. The mission of the peptide synthesis facility is to provide purified synthetic peptides in milligram to gram quantities, chain length of < 40 residues  to investigators within  and out side Uab in a short period .

    Core facility can also provide synthetic peptides with high purity either for antibody production or for biophysical/biochemical studies. we are also specialised in incorporating, fluorescently labelled, 13C- and 14C- amino acids into the peptide sequences and also dimethylation of Lysine  in the peptide sequence.

    Core  facility  can also provide consultation to investigators conducting structural studies with peptides and proteins.

    Core Facility has 4 Beckman HPLC systems, 2 Bio-rad FPLC'S and 4 Automated Peptide synthesisers.

    Center Affiliations
    Department of Medicine
    Center for Aging

    Serves - Internal and External