• Physiology and Metabolism core
    Physiology and Metabolism core

    Director: Barbara Gower
    Email: bgower@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-4087

    Human Energy Expenditure and Body Composition resources:

    • ┬árespiration chamber and metabolic carts for measurements of 24-hour energy expenditure and substrate oxidation
    • IRMS and GC/MS for assessment of stable isotopes (body composition by total body water; energy expenditure by doubly-labeled water)
    • air displacement plethysmography for body composition assessment
    • DXA for assessment of total and regional body composition
    • analysis of intra-abdominal adipose ti ssue from computed tomography (CT) scans performed at the Department of Radiology
    • analysis of infant body composition (0-6 mol using PEA POD (air displacement plethysmography)
    Hormone/Substrate Analyses resource:
    • analysis of insulin, glucose, lipids, markers of inflammation, and hormones
    • multi-plex capabilities using MSD technology: www.mesoscale.com
    • indices of insu lin sensitivity and secretion from OGTI, meal test, and IVGTI can be calculated using mathematical modeling