• UAB IT Research Computing Services
    UAB IT Research Computing Services

    Director: David L. Shealy, Ph.D.
    Email: dls@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-8068

    Website - https://docs.uabgrid.uab.edu/wiki/ResearchServices

    Bob Cloud

    Services: Build research platforms for data analysis, data storage, and web collaboration

    • Software and Web-Services:  Access popular tools for molecular modeling, protein docking, genetics , neuro-imaging and many others on the research computing platform. Use MATLAB and the Distributed Computing ServerTM package to build your own applications to run in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment.  Use wiki, code tracking, and communication tools to collaborate with peers and support your users. Work with us to build and deploy custom solutions to support research workflows for your science teams, like Galaxy a web-based genomics toolkit or ACE a patient cohort  search tool.
    • Data Analysis  and Modeling:  Use the campus HPC cluster, Cheaha, to efficiently analyze large data sets, model experimental systems and offload compute-intensive work from your laptop. Access national compute and data facilities via the Open Science Grid and NSF’s XSEDE initiative.
    • Data Storage: use the 200TB high-speed, parallel file system  to stage large data sets on the compute cluster for analysis.   Access personal storage on the research storage system to leverage an expanding collection of data services  for archiving, collaboration and research application development.
    • Research Network:  a 10 Gigabit per second research network connects data analysis and storage resources across UAB.  Leverage high speed networking to desktops and instruments. Transparent connectivity to regional and national high-speed networks provide efficient data transfers to collaborators and peers via National Lambda Rail and Internet2 networks. Build custom data networks to meet specific needs of on-campus or national research initiatives .

    Cheaha provides users with a traditional command-line interactive environment with access to many scientific tools that can leverage its dedicated pool of local compute resources. The local compute pool provides access to three generations of compute hardware based on the x86-64 64-bit architecture. It includes 576 2.66 GHz cores of the latest generation Intel Westmere CPUs with a QDR Infiniband interconnect, 192 3.0GHz cores with a DDR Infiniband interconnect, and 100 1.6GHz cores with a traditional 1Gbs Ethernet interconnect, totaling 868 cores. The compute nodes are backed by 180TB of high performance storage and an additional 40TB available for home directories and ancillary services. The compute nodes combine to provide nearly 8.75TFlops of dedicated computing power. <br /> For more information, see https://docs.uabgrid.uab.edu/wiki/Cheaha

    Center Affilations
    Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering
    Center for Computational and Structural Dynamics
    Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Heflin Center for Genomic Science (HCGS)
    Nutrition Obesity Research Center
    Vision Science Research Center

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