• Southern Research Preclinical Drug Development
    Southern Research Preclinical Drug Development

    Director: Andrew Penman
    Email: penman@sri.org
    Phone: 581-2712

    Michael Watson
    Sales Manager, Drug Development
    Email: WatsonM@SouthernResearch.org
    Phone: 205-581-2203

    Southern Research’s core life sciences businesses are drug discovery & preclinical drug development. Preclinical contract services include:

    • GLP-compliant studies
    • BSL-2 & BSL-3 facilities
    • In vivo and in vitro efficacy testing for therapeutics, immunologics, and vaccine
    • Toxicology, including general, developmental & reproductive, and immunotoxicology
    • Immunology
    • Bioanalytical sciences/ADME/PK
    • Real-time qPCR
    • Species-Specific clinical pathology
    • Radiation treatments
    • Aerosol Inhalation