• CFAR Sequence Analysis and Training Facility
    CFAR Sequence Analysis and Training Facility

    Director: Elliot Lefkowitz
    Email: elliotl@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-1946

    Website: www.uab.edu/cfar/dna-sequencing-core

    A service of the UAB Center for AIDS Research

    Core services include

    • Consultation and collaborative assistance on the collection, management, and analysis of basic biological data (Bioinformatics)
    • Analytical services including assistance with:
      • Traditional sequence and genomics analysis
      • Microarray gene expression analysis
      • Analysis of data derived from deep-sequencing (Next Generation sequencing) technologies
        • Exome and genome sequencing
        • RNAseq studies
    • Training and Education
    • Answering the question: “Just how the heck do I do this?

    Our goal is not to inundate the investigator with large, multi-megabyte (and gigabyte) size files, or massive spreadsheets. Our goal is to assist you in understanding the biological meaning of your data, allowing you to use that understanding to support publications, grants, and future research.