• Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences/ Specimen Processing and Analytical Nexus (CCTS/SPAN)
    Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences/ Specimen Processing and Analytical Nexus (CCTS/SPAN)

    Director: Jeff Edberg
    Email: jedberg@uab.edu
    Phone: 934-0894

    A specimen processing laboratory is adjacent to the Clinical Research Unit in rooms JT1535 and JT1531. 

    This lab is available for CRU approved protocols for routine specimen processing for research use only.   Processing activities include:  

    • Preparation of specimen aliquots (including specimen handling in a laminar flow hood)   
    • Preparation of aliquot tubes with labels
    • Short term storage of research specimens including  4°C refrigeration,  -20°C freezer space,  and  -80°C ultra-low freezer space .  
    For more information contact: Kathy Whitfield, 934-7967, kwhitfield@uabmc.edu


    • Specimen Processing, DNA Preparation and Cell Line Lab

    The genetics study lab is located in Shelby 230.   In addition to routine specimen processing (listed below), this core lab also offers services that include but are not necessarily limited to:

    • Preparation of mononuclear cells (MNC)  
    • Preparation of EBV-immortalized lymphoblastoid cell lines  
    • Cryopreservation of cell lines and fresh MNC  
    • Preparation of DNA from various human sources such as blood, cultured cells, buccal swab, etc.

    For more information about our cell line or DNA services, please contact:   Kathy Whitfield, Felicia Hataway or Larezia Williams, 934-7938 , kwhitfield@uabmc.edu, fhataway@uab.edu, larezia@uab.edu

    UAB BioRepository Initiative

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham has a very unique opportunity to expand scientific insights into many various diseases and populations.  As a part of the School of Medicine's strategic initiative and in conjunction with the CCTS, this centralized resource of UAB Biorepositories assembles information about specimen collections including:

    • A specimen inventory
    • Standard operating procedures
    • Reference to internal and external information related to Biorepository management.

    In addition to building a dynamic wealth of information, this site (http://uab.mathbiol.org/biorepositories) seeks to build a community of researchers interested in optimizing best practices in managing collections and in developing new collaborative opportunities.