• Survey Research Unit
    Survey Research Unit

    Director: Andy Rucks
    Email: arucks@uab.edu
    Phone: 205-975-8967

    Website - http://www.soph.uab.edu/csch/infrastructure/service/sru

    Paul Wolff

    A formally designated UAB Service Center, the SRU works with  investigators from across the campus as well as state and national  groups. Services include technical assistance in survey design and  sampling methods, provision of computer assisted telephone survey  interviews, and field survey research. With 40 Cati stations, 4  supervisor stations and a trained , IRB certified, staff of 80-100 at  any given time, the SRU is equipped to conduct large scale computer  assisted telephone surveys. Supervisor stations have the ability to  monitor telephone calls and view the computer entries made by the  interviewers for quality control.  All stations are connected to the  main server which houses the survey software (Sawtooth/Ci3) and Cati  system. All stations have back up power supplies and are password  protected. The SRU also provides services for completing surveys in-  person, by mail or fax and offers data entry services. Last year, a  state of the art system was put in place to conduct web based surveys  and create survey instruments that can be scanned. In addition, salaried  positions for doctoral students have been established to assist users  with data analysis and manuscript preparation.

    40 Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) work stations, 4 supervisor stations and a trained , IRB certified, staff of 80-100.

    Serves - Internal and External