• UAB Vector Production Facility
    UAB Vector Production Facility

    Director: Theresa Strong
    Email: tvstrong@uab.edu
    Phone: 975-9871

    Website - http://www.uab.edu/vector/

    David Dion, PhD 

    The goal of the UAB Vector Production Facility (VPF) is to accelerate the translation of novel viral vector-based therapies into Phase I trials in patients. Through the production of large-scale research and clinical grade vectors using Good Laboratory and current Good Manufacturing Practices, we assist investigators who wish to conduct FDA-directed safety and toxicity studies, submit investigational new drug (IND) applications and perform early stage clinical trials. We are also experienced in the production of cell banks, recombinant proteins and antibody conjugates for research and clinical applications.

    The VPF is equipped with a clean room suite that has designated areas for cell culture, virus preparation as well as complete fill and finish facilities. A quality control laboratory performs a number of assays to document product safety, purity, identity and potency (assays include sterility, endotoxin, titer, gel electrophoresis, protein determination and restriction analysis).  A research laboratory is used for project development and for the optimization of procedures prior to production. Our staff is trained in cGMP and GLP, and is available for consultation regarding specific projects.  All critical equipment in the VPF is electronically monitored 24/7 and an environmental monitoring program is in place.

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    Center Affiliation
    Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Serves - Internal and External