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UAB Funding Opportunities

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UAB Funding Opportunities

Below are funding opportunities that are available from UAB departments and centers.  Use the contact information provided to the contact listed to find out more about each particular funding opportunity.   

If you are interested in finding funding opportunities from sources outside of UAB please refer to IRAP's SPIN and SMARTS tools.  Information about SPIN and SMARTS can be found at or by contacting

If you would like to have a funding opportunity posted to this list please email a description and a PDF of the RFA to

  • Center for Structural Biology Pilot Grant

    ​The Center for Structural Biology (CSB) has established pilot funds to support preliminary research on aqueous or membrane proteins by providing access and support to six core service facilities.  Funds will be used to perform services in one or more of the areas listed below on cancer-related proteins and other proteins of biological/medical importance.  Applications are open to all UAB faculty members.  Core Facilities include:
    1) High-throughput nano-crystallization screening, 2) self-interaction chromatography (SIC) Screening 3) BioCalorimetry: Automated Differential Scanning Calorimtery (DSC) and Automated - Isothermal Titration Calorimetry 4) Biacore 5) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 6) Cryo-Electron Microscopy

    CSB Pilot Application Guidelines

    Eligibility:             All UAB Faculty Members are encouraged to apply
    To Apply:             Complete the One Page Application found in attachment 
    To Whom:           Submit application electronically to
    With a copy to
    Email title: “CSB Pilot Award Application”
    Deadline:             September 1st by 5:00 pm

    Evaluation:          A CSB Committee will evaluate the application questions below and select the most promising applications
    Awards:               Awards will be made by October 1st, 2014, with allocations beginning November 1st, 2014

    Although limited funds are available depending on UWIRC renewal, it is anticipated that funding will be sufficient to collect feasibility data for selected projects.  Typical project awards do not exceed $3,000.00 which usually covers one round of a specific service that is directly related to the utilization of the facility requested. Interested UAB faculty members are encouraged to contact Dr. Larry DeLucas regarding use of the pilot funds to perform services on proteins of interest.  All funds must be utilized within nine months of the pilot award start date of November 1st, 2014. Please direct any questions about this program Dr. Larry DeLucas at 934-5329 ( or Sharney Logan (

    Please submit your Answers to the Attached One Page Application to both of the following email accounts: and

    Please submit your answers in a One Page Application:

    1. Name, title, campus address, contact information and UAB department affiliation
    2. What core services are you interested in utilizing? (can be one or more) 
    * High-throughput nano-crystallization and or co-crystallization experiments
    * High-throughput differential scanning calorimetry
    * Self-interaction chromatography analysis
    * NMR
    * Cryo-EM
    3. What information do you hope to obtain using one or more of the above tools?
    4. Provide the grant title, number, and funding sponsor;
    *if none, indicate whether or not you have a relevant pending application, with sponsor and title name,    or if an application is planned; indicate the sponsor, title, and submission deadline you are working towards.
    5. Describe the biological/medical importance of the protein.
    6. Is it an aqueous or membrane protein?
    7. Provide evidence of the purity and homogeneity and typical yields for the protein
    *(i.e. SDS gel, size exclusion column results, dynamic light scattering, etc.)
    8.  For Electron Tomography: what is the size of the complex or structure to be observed?

    Sponsor: Center for Structural Biology
    Due Date: 9/1/2014 5:00 PM
    Contact Information: Dr. Larry DeLucas at 934-5329 ( or Sharney Logan (

    RFA: CSB 2014 Announcement