Reminder Regarding ASSIST Grant Applications

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Reminder Regarding ASSIST Grant Applications

As the February 5th deadline for new NIH R01 submissions approaches, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) would like to remind you that all competing, single-project NIH grant applications can now be submitted through ASSIST.  Your log in credentials for ASSIST are the same as those for eRA Commons, so if you have an eRA Commons account and the proper roles, then you are ready to use ASSIST!  Feedback from UAB personnel who have already started using ASSIST has been overwhelmingly positive.  There is a slight learning curve, but there are many benefits including:
  • the ability to copy over previously submitted applications for resubmission or renewal including all attachments;
  • pre-filling certain fields with information from a user’s eRA Commons account;
  • validating the application prior to submission so any errors or warnings are known and corrected beforehand;
  • the ability to grant view or edit access to the application to other users (including those at other institutions);  
  • previewing the application before submission to see how it will appear in eRA Commons and to reviewers.

The OSP Review Plan will still need to be followed, but the ASSIST application will replace the SF424 PDF which is currently being used. OSP requests that the Application Identifier number generated by ASSIST to be sent with the submission of the UAB Extramural Checklist and RPL to OSP@UAB.EDU. This will prevent an incomplete submission notice being sent for that application.  Please note that the application does not need to be uploaded to the OSP Dropbox. OSP will be able to view the application in ASSIST.

Please see NIH guide notice NOT-OD-16-042 for more information.  We encourage the use of the ASSIST system for all NIH applications, especially so for the major deadlines such as February 5th, June 5th and October 5th. 

Please note that the Office of Sponsored Programs will need to give to individuals specific roles in order for those individuals to view or edit a particular application; a person’s eRA Commons account will determine what access level he or she can have.  Your OSP NIH Grants and Contracts Officer can give the  “Access Maintainer” status to the PI which will allow the PI to grant view or edit access for that application to other individuals.

Here are links to the latest user guide for ASSIST along with an NIH ASSIST Presentation on how to use the system. Also, on OSP’s Training website is a guide to the UAB-specific processes related to ASSIST applications which is available at this link: Training - ASSIST CCTS.

Please contact your OSP NIH Grants and Contracts officer if you have further questions.

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