Notice of Professional Public Service Activity

CIRB COI How-Tos Notice of Professional Public Service Activity

Notice of Professional Public Service Activity

Investigators must submit notice if they acquired more than $5000 from any one entity in the previous 12 months for their participation in the following professional public service activities:

Professional studies, services, participation on boards of directors, or participation in manuscript review, grant/contract review, or academic program review for nonprofit/philanthropic entities, professional societies, or professional associations, that are not affiliates of or affiliated with industry or other for profit entities; and
Seminars, presentations, performances, or board service for civic groups.

Notice of Professional Public Service submission instructions: 

  • Go to
  • Enter your blazer id and password.
  • Click on link entitled "External/Internal Activity Approval/Financial Interests Disclosure" (left side of the page).
  • Select the appropriate employment classification.
  • If you are involved in UAB research, indicate that you are an Investigator.
  • Indicate the reason for your form submission is to provide notice of professional public service.
  • Complete the remaining form questions.  Where required, please provide a thorough description.  This is important to the CIRB review process, and insufficient detail will delay reviews.
  • Submit form.