What training do I need to complete to work with animals?
In order to work with animals you must complete the following training requirements:

  • Using Animals for Research, Teaching, and Testing (all)
  • Species training (species dependent)
  • Rodent Surgery (only for those performing surgery in mice or rats)
  • Enrollment in the Employee Health Program (all, non-employees must receive permission through their general physician)

All IACUC online training is available through the Learning System and enrollment information can be found on the OH&S Employee Health website.

How do I get access to the animal housing facility?
The ARP Facility Manager grants access to individuals who have completed the required training, enrolled in the Employee Health Program, and have been added to an approved IACUC protocol. To apply for access, please complete the Building Access Form and follow the instructions for submission.

How do I report concerns I may have about the proper use or care of research animals?
If you have any suspicion that animals are being used or cared for inappropriately it is very important that you report it immediately to the IACUC so that we may intervene and suspend any noncompliant actions or behavior. There are many methods of reporting concerns about animal welfare including an anonymous hotline. Please see the IACUC's Reporting Deficiencies Policy for further information.

When do I need approval from the IACUC for my research?
The IACUC is responsible for overseeing the use of animals for research, teaching and testing at UAB. This includes all vertebrate animals and some invertebrate animals housed within the ARP facilities or that have contact with vertebrate species. The IACUC may also be responsible for overseeing animal work performed at other institutions if it is being directed by UAB personnel or funded by a grant awarded to UAB. If you are unsure if your work requires IACUC approval please contact the IACUC office.

Who can sign my Admission to Candidacy form?
Graduate students seeking admission to candidacy are required to have an IACUC official sign off on their forms if their work includes animals. Any IACUC office staff may provide this approval during the normal office business hours. Please come prepared with your completed form and the correct Animal Project Number (APN).

What should I do if I have a visiting scientist coming to work on my protocol?
The best thing to do is call the IACUC office. There are several variables (e.g. length of visit, contact with animals, level of involvement) that will impact what training and safety requirements will be required, and there are rules regarding visitors that you will need to be aware of relevant to animal facility access, risks and liability. These individuals may also need to be given a temporary Human Resources employment status.

When do I display/remove the AUSI on the animal housing room door?
If you are using hazardous agents you should have received an Animal Use and Safety Information (AUSI) sheet from the ARP Health and Safety Specialist. This sheet must be displayed on the animal housing room door ONLY if you are currently using the indicated hazardous agent. If you are not using the agent or if it is inactive, turn the AUSI face down on the door. The posting or reversing of the AUSI alerts personnel entering the room of any hazards present and what preventive actions must be taken when handling the animals or materials. Please be aware that if an AUSI is posted, there should be cages tagged with a corresponding APN and hazard sticker. If you have questions about the AUSI or handling of animals or materials related to approved hazardous agents, please contact the ARP Health and Safety Specialist, 934-3538.

How can a PI transfer a protocol to another PI?
An investigator who for any reason needs to transfer an active IACUC approved protocol to another PI can do so by following these steps:

  1. ​Submit a letter/memo to summarizing the reasons for the transfer, indicating who will be taking over the protocol project and some basic information about the qualifications the receiving PI and staff have for performing this type of research project. Note: depending on the situation and funding source, documentation informing the funding agency may be required before the transfer can be approved by the IACUC.
  2. For paper submissions, the investigator taking over the project should submit the most recently approved Animal Use Request form changing the information in section I (General Information) questions 1-4 with current updated information and submit it to for review and approval.  ​For eForms, the existing PI must submit a Continuation/Modification indicating the change in PI.