Protocol Submission

Protocol Submission

What is the deadline for protocol submission?
There is not a submission deadline for protocols now that we have moved to the IRAP system. Protocols received are sent to IACUC members in a pre-review status within 48 hours of being received by the IACUC office. The pre-review status is changed to either designated member review or full committee review once all the primary IACUC members have an opportunity to review the submissions received for any given week, and the IACUC chair approves the reviewer assignments. Protocols called for review at the committee meeting at the end of the month, should be submitted no later than 20 days prior to the meeting. For more details and a list of criteria for protocols typically requested for committee review please see the Submission Review Deadlines and Dates page.

How can I ensure my submission is accepted?

There are a few checks you can perform before you submit your protocol to prevent delays.

  • Be sure the title on your form matches the grant title. When submitting to multiple administration offices (OSP, OH&S, etc.) be sure that information like the project title and PI name match on all forms. Many times our offices need to communicate about projects and if this information doesn't match it can cause delays.
  • Check that all personnel have completed or begun the required training and health enrollment. See Training page for more details.
  • Make sure you have responded to all required questions within the form.
  • When renewing/updating, check your renewal reminder notice to ensure you are submitting the correct form.

If I receive a competing continuation of my grant do I need to submit a new AUR form?
Yes, competing continuations require an AUR form and full review. Since the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) assigns a new link number and Grants Accounting will assign a new account number(s), the competing continuation is considered a separate grant and must be reviewed as such for tracking purposes. The IACUC is required to perform a grant-to-protocol comparison and review all procedures related to this grant segment.