How to Submit Protocols

How to Submit Protocols

How to Submit Protocols

All documents requiring IACUC review (i.e., new protocols, renewals, modifications) will be entered into the current review cycle. Final approval may require a full committee decision which occurs on the last Wednesday of the assigned review month. Most documents are approved via designated member review which can occur once any remaining reviewer questions have been satisfactorily answered by the investigator.


***PLEASE NOTE: The most recent version of the IACUC forms must be used for all submissions.
Note: All protocol-related documents
must be submitted by e-mail to

New Protocols, Competing Continuation/Renewal 

In order to have a protocol reviewed, the investigator must submit the Animal Use Request (AUR) form to Protocols subject to review at a convened IACUC meeting must be recieved 20 calendar days prior to the monthly meeting with any response required based on the preliminary review due 2 work days before the meeting. See Submission Deadlines and Dates for more inforamtion.

Noncompeting Renewal

Annual review of all projects is required, but can be accomplished in the case of non-competitive renewals by completion of a three-page Annual Renewal of Approved Protocols form. Renewals should be submitted to along with the latest progress report. Annual review is to confirm that no changes have taken place in the approved activity which might require further consideration by the IACUC and to ensure that any new requirements of PHS, USDA or the institution are communicated to the investigator. Every 3 years the IACUC is required to perform a "de novo" or full review. For this review the AUR form must be submitted with a copy of the most recent progress report for the grant. Renewal Reminder Notices sent 90, 60, and 30 days prior to protocol expiration will indicate which form is due for review based on the original approval date of the IACUC protocol.

Resubmission of Prior Approved Protocols

A new IACUC file must be started for grant applications involving previously approved animal procedures if they are competing continuations, or being submitted to a different funding agency. The Animal Use Request Form is required.

Training and Salary Support Grants

These grants do not use animals but are issued an approval for the overall grant. All investigators who are listed within these grants as using animals must either submit a protocol or reference a currently approved protocol for the animal use indicated in the grant.
Approval Numbers Issued To Protocols
Are Good For (1) Year From The Issuance Date