ICH-GCP Training through CITI

ICH-GCP Training through CITI

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Training ICH-GCP Training through CITI

ICH-GCP Training through CITI

Some sponsors require that protocols be conducted in accordance with guidelines from the International Conference on Harmonization - Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCP). For these protocols, all staff members must complete ICH-GCP training in addition to Human Subjects Protections training. 
If you already have an account where you're affiliated with UAB in the CITI system,
  1. Log in at https://www.citiprogram.org,
  2. Choose "Add a Course or Update your Learner Groups," and
  3. Check the box indicating you will complete Good Clinical Practice training.
  4. Click "Continue,"
  5. On the Main Menu, the Good Clinical Practice course will be listed under My Courses. Click "Enter" to begin the course.

That gets you registered for the ICH-GCP course, which will now show up in your courses on the Main Menu.

If you don't already have an account in the CITI system and want to take only the ICH-GCP course:

  1. Print these instructions for reference.

  2. Go to https://www.citiprogram.org/default.asp.

  3. If you do not have a CITI account, click "Click here to register."

  4. Step 1: Select your institution or organization: Under "Participating Institutions," choose University of Alabama, Birmingham.

  5. Step 2: Enter your name. Please enter your full name (no nicknames or shortened names). Use your BlazerID@uab.edu address when asked for an email address. If you are not a student or employee, use your institutional email address (e.g., @chsys.org, @samford.edu). Using any other address, such as gmail or hotmail, may delay you receiving credit for your training.

  6. Step 3: Create your username and password: Create a username and password to use with the CITI system, and make a note of them.

  7. Step 4: Demographic Information: Please complete all applicable fields. Click "Submit."

  8. Step 5: CME/CEU credits: Indicate whether you are applying for these credits. Note that these credits are not required by UAB. CME/CEU credits come, at a fee, from the University of Miami, not from UAB. Indicate whether you are willing to complete the course survey.

  9. Step 6: Member Information: Please complete all applicable fields. Click "Submit.

  10. Step 7: Select Groups:

    1. For Question 1, leave it blank.
    2. For Question 2, leave it blank.
    3. Check the box for ICH-GCP training.
    4. Answer "Not at this time" for Question 4 unless you intend to complete CITI US Export Control Regulations training also. Export Control training is not valid for IRB training.
    5. Click "Continue."
  11. When you choose Finalize registration, you will receive a confirmation email to complete the registration process and gain access to the CITI system.
  12. After completing the course, save the Curriculum Completion Report for your records. The Office of the IRB is automatically notified.

Continuing GCP training

ICH-GCP training does not have to be retaken. That is, there is no "refresher" course or continuing training for ICH-GCP training.

Use IRB e-reports to check anyone's training in the IRB database