Inspire discovery and entrepreneurial thinking

Visionary leadership that nurtured a nascent medical center in the 1940s formed the pillars for the internationally acclaimed research university UAB would become: Dream big. Dare to cross boundaries. Be relentless in pursuit of knowledge. Use it to change destinies.

UAB’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship improves the efficiency and competitiveness of that research engine in an environment that fuels and sustains innovation among faculty, researchers, students and community leaders.

We can accelerate new company formation and technology transfer through improved and flexible processes that build on successes of the UAB Research Foundation. Since its inception, UABRF has generated more than $64 million in licensing revenues and helped created 55 start-up companies based on products and technologies discovered at UAB. 

UAB innovation saving millions of gallons of water monthly

UAB Campus at sunriseThe University of Alabama at Birmingham has come up with a novel way to save the university tens of thousands of dollars and millions of gallons of water. The Facilities Division created a network of tanks and piping that captures and uses ground water and condensate from cooling systems.

UAB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship holds launch event

“The institute will bring a cross-disciplinary technology transfer and academic approach to a new elevated level,” said Winwood. “We will focus on technology based economic development utilizing core academic and research strengths to ensure rapid development of new ideas, products and ground breaking technologies discovered at UAB.”

Injury vs. Innovation

Candace FloydAt age 17, Candace Floyd, Ph.D., worked as an emergency medical technician and a hospital volunteer. She saw wreck victims and shaken babies who had suffered central nervous system trauma, and she resolved to help them. Candace Floyd aims to accelerate breakthrough studies in spinal cord injuries at UAB with the T.J. Atchison Spinal Cord Injury Research Program

UAB students invent a wheelchair that helps children with disabilities get moving

Kids get moving
When Jennifer Sheppard learned that University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Engineering and School of Business students created a motorized wheelchair for 1- to 3-year-olds, she was eager to let her daughter give it a try.

Improving online communication security

saxena cisco webUAB researchers are working to improve the end-to-end security of an increasingly common means of communication. Through a two-year, $150,000 project funded by Cisco Systems, researchers in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) are designing mechanisms to secure voice- and video-over-Internet (VoIP) communications, such as Skype or Jabber.

Improving creativity
— in the process

  • Expand teaching and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Foster experiential learning in collaboration with community partners

  • Develop a richer process for vetting ideas

  • Streamline the process for identifying innovative products and services

  • Simplify access to resources that nurture and accelerate development of successful companies

  • Offer leadership and management coaching

  • Embrace proactive, new and unique strategies for increasing IP and licensing opportunities

Developing a culture that fuels and sustains innovation