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Prosperity depends on a region's ability to create new businesses and help existing ones become more efficient and an employer's ability to adapt to changing markets and technologies. That requires a flexible, highly educated workforce.

UAB's education programs, especially its strengths in emerging fields  such as biomedical engineering, industrial distribution, computer security and neuroscience — prepare today's students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our interdisciplinary curricula, experiential learning and new signature certificate programs provide unique, tailored benefits to students while helping companies prosper and grow and ensure the university remains relevant to students and potential employers.

UAB joins global consortium, committed to support student ideas

clinton_global_sThe University of Alabama at Birmingham has joined the Clinton Global Initiative University Network, a growing consortium of colleges and universities across the country that support, mentor and provide seed funding to leading student innovators and entrepreneurs. President Bill Clinton launched the CGI U Network in 2007 to engage the next generation of college leaders worldwide in developing plans and taking action to create positive change.

Study in Success

Tim Fernandez and Bliss ChangTim Fernandez and Bliss Chang are studying the cancer-fighting powers of cell death receptors thanks to the Beckman Scholars Program, which gives undergraduates nearly $20,000 to support their research efforts.

UAB students learn collaboration while serving community health needs

StudentCollaborationThe UAB School of Dentistry, in partnership with the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions and Optometry, received a $150,000 renewal grant through the DentaQuest Foundation in late 2012 to continue a pilot program designed to train health-care students to work collaboratively and recognize when they should make referrals to other professions.

UAB design class partners engineers and entrepreneurs

UAB design class partners engineers and entrepreneursAn innovative class pairs engineering students with business students to design and commercialize marketable solutions. A wheelchair that toddlers can control with a joystick and an affordable home wheelchair weight scale are two of the six outcomes from this collaboration.

Changing the way
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