Partner Hero PhotoDevelopment of a concierge service approach to collaborations will become central to the mission of the UAB IIE.

UAB’s commitment to economic development is aligned with regional and state strategies, including "Blueprint Birmingham" — the community’s growth strategy led by Birmingham Business Alliance — and Accelerate Alabama, which seeks to drive recruitment of new projects, business retention and develop home-grown start-ups.

The Institute will pursue new strategies to identify the most pressing challenges facing area companies that can be tackled by UAB expertise and develop new processes to ensure greater flexibility within those collaborations.

The IIE also will foster and expand translational research-based partnerships, such as those with Southern Research Institute and Hudson Alpha.

To learn more, contact the office of UAB IIE at 205-996-7298.

Licensing deal marks coming of age for UAB-UW nanopore sequencing technology

nanopore_sThe University of Alabama at Birmingham today announced that Illumina Inc. has licensed the rights to a DNA sequencing technology developed by a UAB microbiologist and a University of Washington physicist. The patent-licensing deal revolves around nanopores first studied as potential chinks in the armor of the tuberculosis bacteria, but now part of efforts to make sequencing even faster and cheaper.

UAB’s Winwood to help lead international organization

david_winwood_s“The patenting of discoveries and helping to establish new companies based on innovations created by university researchers adds value to the investments made in   research,” said Winwood. “Technology managers, as a group, provide valuable guidance in connecting researchers with partners able to assist in turning leading edge research into new products and services that benefit society.”

UAB and BBA partner to win prestigious $600,000 NSF Partnership for Innovation grant

yogesh vohra sThe National Science Foundation (NSF) will support a University of Alabama at Birmingham(UAB)/Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) collaboration through a $600,000 Partnership for Innovation (PFI) grant, which has the potential to enhance and create more knowledge-based jobs in the Birmingham region through UAB startups and spin-off companies.

Partnering with UAB

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is happy to call our "partner" some of the biggest and newest names in business. Being an internationally renowned research institution, UAB offers a variety of partnering opportunities for industry looking to work with UAB's world class researchers through:

  • Licensing
  • Technology Development
  • Sponsored Research
  • Core Facilities
  • Drug Discovery and Translational Centers
  • Strategic Co-Research Alliances

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