The cytokine interleukin 17f (IL-17f) is a potentially important immunomodulatory mediator of the innate and adaptive immune responses to infection, and is also involved in autoimmune and neoplastic diseases and is a marker for immune cells associated with the Th17 lineage. Because the IL-17f is a secreted protein, it has been difficult to identify viable cells in which it is produced. These IL-17f/Thy1.1 reporter knock-in mice enable detection and isolation of viable cells that express this cytokine. These mice have been described in:

Lee YK, Turner H, Maynard CL, Oliver JR, Chen D, Elson CO, and Weaver CT. Late developmental plasticity in the T helper 17 lineage. Immunity, 2009; 30(1):92-107

UAB Reference: U2008-0046

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