Be responsible for any necessary training or orientation sessions

  • Inform students of these times and dates as early as possible
  • Be responsible for following through with students to ensure they attend any necessary meetings
  • Sometimes students need to be reminded of the basics during an orientation session: Dress appropriately, turn off cell phones, act as a role model when volunteering with youth, be aware of cultural differences etc. It's always good to reinforce these issues with students


Keep a record of how many hours each student has worked

  • We ask that you have a sign-in sheet available for students to use on days when they arrive at your organization to volunteer (we will also require students to keep a log tracking their own hours)
  • We will need to verify hours each student completed at the end of the semester


Be available at the mid-way point for a check-in

  • We will check-in by phone or e-mail to see how things are going. We also may ask you to complete a brief Mid-Semester Evaluation. Please inform us of any major issues or concerns that you are having with students or our program at this time or as they arise.


Complete the Final Evaluation

  • An electronic evaluation form from our website will be sent to you via e-mail at the end of the period of service
  • We will ask you to fill out an evaluation form for each student who served at your site, which will include verifying the total number of hours they served and evaluating their performance at your site
  • Again, we thank you for your participation and your commitment to our Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research and the UAB service-learning students!




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