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The CGI University Network (CGI U) is a consortium of colleges and universities that support, mentor and provide seed funding to leading student innovators and entrepreneurs. UAB is a 2016 member of the CGI University Network and commits funding to UAB student commitment-makers who commit to take action in the areas of education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health. Learn how to apply. 

Annual CGI U Meeting

Students come together at the CGI U annual meeting to hear from experts in various fields, brainstorm ideas, share best practices and form effective partnerships. Seventeen UAB students promoted their commitments at the 2015 annual meeting in Miami.

CGI U Campus Representative

Rebecca Massey. Sophomore biology major Rebecca Massey serves as UAB’s 2016 CGI U Campus Rep. She attended CGI U in 2015 with her idea of the “Pre-Med Partners” program that addresses the lack of diversity among medical students in the United States. Pre-Med Partners is a student mentoring organization at UAB that matches current pre-med students with local high-school students, giving them the resources and mentoring they need to become successful pre-med students and physicians. See why you should apply to CGI U Rebecca works with students and the university community to build awareness of CGI U at UAB, and she serves as a driving force for student applications to CGI U. 



2016 UAB Clinton Scholars

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