Office for Service Learning Resource Library


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you’re interested in borrowing any of the following publications:

  • American Mosaic Service Learning Stories,  Edited by Carole Lester and Gail Robinson (2007)
  • A Practical Guide for Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum, 2nd Ed. Gottlieb and Robinson (2006)
  • Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement - Principles and Techniques, Gelmon, Holland, Driscoll, Spring, Kerrigan, Campus Compact (2001)
  • Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum, A Resource Book for Service-Learning Faculty in All Disciplines, Battistoni (2002)
  • Engaging the Whole of Service-Learning, Diversity and Learning Communities, Edited by Joseph A. Galura, Penny A. Pasque, David Schoem, Jeffrey Howard (2004)
  • Fundamentals of Service-Learning Course Construction, Kerrissa Heffernan, Ed.D. (2001)
  • Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit - Readings and Resources for Faculty, 2nd Ed. Campus Compact (2003)
  • Learning through Serving - A Student Guidebook for Service-Learning Across the Disciplines, Christine M. Cress, Peter J. Collier, Vicki L. Reitenauer and Associates (2005)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning,  Service-Learning and Anthropology, Editor Jeffrey Howard (Summer 2001)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Community Based-Research, Editor Jeffrey Howard (Summer 2003)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Service-Learning Course Design Workbook, Jeffrey Howard, University of Michigan (Companion Volume Summer 2001)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Strategic Directions for Service-Learning Research, Editor Jeffrey Howard (Fall 2000)
  • Service-Learning and The First-Year Experience:  Preparing Students for Personal Success and Civic Responsibility, Editor Edward Zlotkowski (2002)
  • Students as Colleagues, Edited by Edward Zlotkowski, Nicholas V. Longo, James R. Williams, Campus Compact (2006)
  • The Civil Mind, Margaret Earley Whitt, Janet L. Bland (2007)
  • The Engaged Department Toolkit, Battistoni, Gelmon, Saltmarsh, Wergin, Zlotowski , Campus Compact (2003)
  • The Promise of Partnerships - Tapping into the College as a Community Asset, Jim Scheibel, Erin M. Bowley, and Steven Jones, Campus Compact 2005 
  • Up and Running, A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing an Introductory Service-Learning Institute, Campus Compact (2003)

There are many excellent service-learning resources on the web, including:

Campus Compact

In particular, see Campus Compact Exemplary Service-Learning Syllabi across a wide variety of disciplines

National Service Learning Clearinghouse

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health