Office for Service Learning Resource Library


Please email if you’re interested in borrowing any of the following publications:

  • American Mosaic Service Learning Stories,  Edited by Carole Lester and Gail Robinson (2007)
  • A Practical Guide for Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum, 2nd Ed. Gottlieb and Robinson (2006)
  • Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement - Principles and Techniques, Gelmon, Holland, Driscoll, Spring, Kerrigan, Campus Compact (2001)
  • Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum, A Resource Book for Service-Learning Faculty in All Disciplines, Battistoni (2002)
  • Engaging the Whole of Service-Learning, Diversity and Learning Communities, Edited by Joseph A. Galura, Penny A. Pasque, David Schoem, Jeffrey Howard (2004)
  • Fundamentals of Service-Learning Course Construction, Kerrissa Heffernan, Ed.D. (2001)
  • Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit - Readings and Resources for Faculty, 2nd Ed. Campus Compact (2003)
  • Learning through Serving - A Student Guidebook for Service-Learning Across the Disciplines, Christine M. Cress, Peter J. Collier, Vicki L. Reitenauer and Associates (2005)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning,  Service-Learning and Anthropology, Editor Jeffrey Howard (Summer 2001)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Community Based-Research, Editor Jeffrey Howard (Summer 2003)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Service-Learning Course Design Workbook, Jeffrey Howard, University of Michigan (Companion Volume Summer 2001)
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Strategic Directions for Service-Learning Research, Editor Jeffrey Howard (Fall 2000)
  • Service-Learning and The First-Year Experience:  Preparing Students for Personal Success and Civic Responsibility, Editor Edward Zlotkowski (2002)
  • Students as Colleagues, Edited by Edward Zlotkowski, Nicholas V. Longo, James R. Williams, Campus Compact (2006)
  • The Civil Mind, Margaret Earley Whitt, Janet L. Bland (2007)
  • The Engaged Department Toolkit, Battistoni, Gelmon, Saltmarsh, Wergin, Zlotowski , Campus Compact (2003)
  • The Promise of Partnerships - Tapping into the College as a Community Asset, Jim Scheibel, Erin M. Bowley, and Steven Jones, Campus Compact 2005 
  • Up and Running, A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing an Introductory Service-Learning Institute, Campus Compact (2003)

There are many excellent service-learning resources on the web, including:

Campus Compact

In particular, see Campus Compact Exemplary Service-Learning Syllabi across a wide variety of disciplines

National Service Learning Clearinghouse

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health