Approaching a Community Partner

  • Read and review Preparing for Service
  • Research potential community partners, including Highlighted Community Partners 
  • Carefully consider how effectively you will be able to serve with this organization: is the location convenient? Are your schedules compatible? Do you have transportation?
  • 64118Contact and meet with the community partner to discuss the possibility of serving with the organization
  • If this is for a service-learning course, follow any instructions provided by your course instructor on selecting an organization

Before Your Service

At Your Site Placement

  • You represent UAB in our community. Please act in a manner that strengthens and enhances these relationships.
  • Follow all rules and regulations required by the community partner.
  • Fulfill the duties you and your Community Partner Supervisor agreed upon. If you have concerns or issues, talk to the organization's volunteer coordinator, your instructor, or UAB Service Learning
  • Log your service time for each shift you serve with your community partner
  • Upon completion of all your required service hours, ask your community partner supervisor to verify your time log

Keep a Journal

  • Keep a journal to reflect upon your service experiences
  • Your journal is your record for keeping track of time you have served and to see how your thoughts, attitudes and values change.

Complete the Final Evaluation Form

  • Download the Student Evaluation Form upon completion of your time of service. Your honest feedback on this form will be valuable to us.