dodgeball backyes, we have rules; no, you can't do thisYes - there are rules in dodgeball! And no - the first rule of dodgeball is not "You do not talk about dodgeball."

Talk all you want. Smack or otherwise, but keep it clean.


  • Teams must have at least six players and at most seven (6 compete)
  • Teams must have at least two females
  • Players can be eliminated by being hit with a thrown ball below the shoulders
  • Players can be eliminated by catching a live thrown ball
  • Each game begins with the Opening Rush
  • Each game has time limit of seven minutes
  • Winning team eliminates all opposing players or has most players at end of regulation
  • Each team has one, 30 second timeout
  • Substitutions can be made during timeouts or between games
To enter the tournament you will need to download the Team Sheet and Rules and return it to us. The PDF includes the official version of the rules.

Checks payable to:
"UAB SHP Jr. Board Scholarship"

Checks mailed to:
UAB School of Health Professions
Attn: Melody Stewart
670 SHPB
1720 2nd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-3361

Melody Stewart, 205-996-5930,