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Science and Technology Honors Program FAQ

What will I do as a Science and Technology Honors student?

Science and Technology Honors students are in the same sections of courses they have in common, creating the opportunity for students to study together and form a true learning community. Program seminars during the first two years teach scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and principles of research design. In addition, you will learn state of the art hands-on research techniques such as gene cloning and DNA amplification. Seminars emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to research problems and students are exposed to world renowned scientists from a wide variety of disciplines. By the end of your sophomore year, you will choose a research mentor for your honors thesis and begin to work toward developing your own research project. In most cases, students will submit their Honors Thesis for publication in a scientific journal. You will have the opportunity to present your results at scientific meetings.

Is there an ACT/SAT "cut-off" for applying to the program?

No, we review each application individually and there is no minimum ACT or SAT.

Can I use my AP, IB, CLEP, and/or dual enrollment credit?

Yes, you can. You will receive individual advising about course choice which takes into account your AP and other advanced credit. Use the following links for more information.

AP Credit

IB Credit

CLEP Credit

Dual Enrollment