Counseling Services

Our philosophy—no one can solve problems for another person. It is our goal, though, to encourage students as they resolve problem areas and to help them cope with difficulties they are presently experiencing. Our counselors are interested in supporting students as they find solutions. It is the role of the Counseling Services counselor to listen, attempt to understand personal perspectives, and to be helpful to the fullest extent of his or her professional training. It is the client’s responsibility to help the counselor learn about his or her life situation, thoughts, and feelings, and to have the courage to try to master identified problem areas.

Free, confidential counseling related to personal growth, human development, and interpersonal relationships is available through Counseling Services and the Student Health and Wellness Center.

An important first step in becoming healthier is to become informed. We want to help. Counseling Services offers informative and interactive weekly groups for students. Each group will consist of five to ten students and meet weekly for 60-90 minutes unless otherwise specified in the group description.

If you are interested in learning more about these group opportunities, please contact Counseling Services at 934-5816. Initial assessments will be required prior to enrollment in the groups.