Medical Clearance

Need to complete the medical clearance process? To get the fastest response, send your questions and concerns via email to You can expect a reply within two hours or less (between 7 a.m.-7 p.m.) from an actual expert reviewer. If you prefer to speak with a reviewer by phone, please include in your email: your name, phone number, and preferred time to be contacted.

UAB students must satisfy requirements, including immunization requirements, in order to be medically cleared for enrollment. The purpose of the medical clearance process is to ensure a safe and healthy environment on the UAB campus. Medical clearance requirements vary by school and student type. These requirements must be met to avoid having a registration hold placed on your student account.

The medical clearance process will be accomplished through a secure, confidential, web-based program, will be receiving an email from UAB or your school with additional instructions for how to create a CertifiedProfile and submit your documentation online.

Please select the appropriate link to the left to view your specific requirements. If you are not sure if you are clinical or non-clinical please contact your academic advisor. Please note that while the immunization requirements are listed in bullet-point format, you still are expected to read the full immunization requirements for your program.

Students in the following online programs are exempt from the UAB immunization policy:
  • Construction Management (Master's in Engineering with concentration in Construction Management) [School of Engineering]
  • Information Engineering Management [School of Engineering]
  • BS/MS Accounting [Collat School of Business]
  • BS Economics [Collat School of Business]
  • BS Finance [Collat School of Business]
  • BS Information Systems [Collat School of Business]
  • BS Marketing [Collat School of Business]
  • BS Management [Collat School of Business]
  • MENG (Advanced Safety Engineering and Management)