Honor Your Most Cherished Professors

The Ellen Gregg Ingalls/UAB National Alumni Society Award for Lifetime Achievement in Teaching is awarded annually to a full-time regular faculty member who, throughout his/her career at UAB, has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the teaching of undergraduate and/or graduate students. Faculty may be nominated who meet the following criteria: (1) be a full-time regular faculty member of UAB who has served UAB for 20 or more years and (2) be a former recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Nominations can be made by any member of the student body, faculty, or alumni.

If you've studied under one of these faculty and want to nominate him or her for the award, fill out the nomination form below and send to Linda Pateo (Administration Building Room 374).  Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 11, 2012.

Nomination Form

Eligible Faculty

Berkow, Roger L. – Medicine

McFarland, Carl E. – CAS/Psychology

Braswell, Flowers B. – CAS/English

McPherson, Heather – CAS/Art & Art History

Brown, Kathleen C. – Nursing

Morrisey, Michael A. - Public Health

Burns, Joseph C. – Education

Muccio, Donald D. – CAS/Chemistry

Burrows, Peter D. – Joint Health Sciences

Norton, Thomas T. - Optometry

Cusic, Anne M. - NS&M

Nowakowski, Rodney W. - Optometry

Danielou, Catherine F. – CAS/Advising

Partridge, Edward E. - Medicine

Davis, Colin J.- CAS/History

Powers, Thomas L. - Business

Delucas, Lawrence J. - Optometry

Ray, Midge N. - Health Professions

Doss, Harriet E. – CAS/History

Rowe, Jan - Health Professions

Eberhardt, Alan W. - Engineering

Rue III, Loring W. - Medicine

Edmonds, Thomas P. - Business

Rutstein, Robert P. - Optometry

Fullard, Roderick - Optometry

Semes, Leo P. - Optometry

Gamlin, Paul D. - Optometry

Sloan III, John J. – CAS/Justice Sciences

Gargiulo, Richard M. - Education

Sloane, Michael – CAS/Psychology

Ginter, Peter M. - Public Health

Slovensky, Donna J. - Health Related Prof

Grant, Joan S. - Nursing

Vaughn, Gregg L. - Engineering

Gray, Gary M. – CAS/Chemistry

Waterbor, John - Public Health

Green, David G. - Engineering

Watson, R. Douglas – CAS/Biology

Greenup, Patsy E. - Health Professions

Watts, Stephen A. – CAS/Biology

Hickson, Marcus L. –CAS/Communication Studies

Weigent, Douglas A. - Joint Health Sciences

Hutchings, William – CAS/English

Hutchison, Jeanne S. – CAS/Mathematics

Hyatt, Robert M. – CAS/Computer&Info Sciences

Jannett, Thomas C. - Engineering

Janowski, Gregg M. - Engineering

Jeff, Linda R. - Health Professions

Jolly, Pauline - Public Health

Keltner, Norman L. - Nursing

Liu, Perng-Ru - Dentistry

Long, Sheri – CAS/Foreign Languages

Matalon, Sadis - Joint Health Sciences

Mayer, John C. – CAS/Mathematics