Got a question? Ask a Blazer!

Ask_A_Blazer_graphicIf you are having trouble finding your way around on the UAB campus during the first two days of class- Ask A Blazer!

During the first two days of class this fall semester (August 24-25, 2015), volunteers (staff, faculty and upper class students) will be at strategically placed tents on campus from 7:30 a.m. ‚Äď 5:30 p.m.  Basic questions will be answered at these tent locations‚Ķ.where is the BEC? What does HHB stand for? Where is the One Stop? Where did the Hill Center go? 

Volunteers  will have resources at their disposal, such as an FAQ sheet, a building code sheet, and a campus map.  Portable signs will also be placed near building entrances to clarify building codes.  More in-depth questions and follow-up will be referred to the One Stop in the Blazer Hall Residence Life Center.  

Tent locations:

  • North and south ends of the Campus Green
  • Outside the front entrance of the New Freshman Residence Hall
  • Northeast corner of the Mini-Park
  • West side of Sterne Library

Go ahead and download the UAB Mobile App on your iOS or Android device so you can have a campus map handy.  See you when school starts!