It is easy to know what you want, but only through experience can you know what you don't want..

Many students come to UAB knowing exactly what you want to do, but after a few science and math classes, you quickly realize that medical school isn’t for you. The first thing you should know is that this is perfectly ok, it happens to more students at UAB than you may think, and there is a place for you. The best start to this process is to meet with Career & Professional Development. But if you can't or aren't ready to meet with us, here are some online resources to begin exploring other career options with your major.

  • If you find that you want to explore other options, here are some online assessments offered by Career & Professional Development:

    • Take the Focus2 assessment through your HireABlazer account to help you explore your own interests and possible career fields.
    • Bring your Focus2 results to a meeting with your career advisor to talk about your interests and what those might look for you in real life.
    • The TypeFocus assessment is a personality inventory. This can be very beneficial as you search for a future that is not only of interest, but that maximizes your strengths and not your weaknesses.
  • Do you want to keep your major but change your career path?
    A resource that many students find helpful is What Can I do with this Major?

  • Maybe your aspirations are becoming more global? If so, use the online resource titled Goin’ Global. A few of the offerings in this resource are:

    • Country Career Guides with career information, advice, and tips for finding employment abroad
    • Job Posting and Internship listings
    • Employer Directory that you can browse by country or state


  • Buzzfile is an online resource that students use to what companies are out there that you may never have heard of before. Research increases knowledge right? That same concept applies to preparing for your future.

    • Click on the Industry Associate With your Major and it will pull up a list of US cities.
    • Click on the City You are Interested In and you will see a list of companies in that industry.
    • Click on the Name of the Company and you will see some introductory information about that organization.

    More in-depth ways to use the information in Buzzfile are:

    • Send a personalized LinkedIn connection request to the person in the contact information
    • Follow the company and/or the contact on Twitter to learn more about who they are
    • Use the feature Similar Companies Nearby to continue your search in that same geographical area


  • Thousands of video interviews with professionals in a wide variety of occupations. Interviewees share insights about their jobs, including the education, training, skills, aptitudes, and experience necessary to get hired. A fun and efficient way to explore careers and new videos are added weekly!


  • Want to see how much the job you want pays in a particular city? And what the outlook for that field is 5 years from now?


How can the office of Career & Professional Development help you?

You can access all of these resource through your HireABlazer account.

Rethinking your career path can be scary. If you don’t take the time to talk this through with someone who is unbiased about your decisions, you risk picking another path that is better than the one you were on, but not the best path for you. Schedule an appointment to meet with the career advisor assigned to your major, bring your assessment results with you as a starting point of reference.

To schedule an appointment please email or call (205) 934-4324.