The Standard Class Schedule is an update to the New Section Code Plan, approved by the Provost, and first implemented in October of 2005. The Standard Class Schedule is a revision of policies and procedures that reflect the suggestions of the provost, vice provosts, deans and associate deans of the undergraduate schools and college, the president of the faculty senate, and campus administrators who serve as members of the Retention and Graduation Committee.

Standard sections for classes are presented here. Standard sections are those three-credit-hour classes that meet either (1) three times a week for 50 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or (2) twice a week for 75 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday or (3) once a week in the evenings for 150 minutes. Classes that carry other credit hour designations will follow similar start times.

All courses must be scheduled at specific times. Only independent study and graduate research courses may be scheduled with a time of "TBA."

Courses that meet only occasionally during the semester will be scheduled so that their impact on classroom spaces is minimized.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) recognizes that there are legitimate reasons for some daytime courses to be offered at times that do not coincide with standard sections. In these unusual cases, department chairs and deans must request a one-time exception, following the policies and procedures outlined here. These policies and procedures have been adopted to enable students to register for the number of courses needed to progress toward a degree in an orderly and timely manner and to make optimal use of physical resources, including classroom and parking space.

Please direct inquiries to the Office of the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management at standardschedule@uab.edu.