Counseling & Wellness Center

The Counseling & Wellness Center offers no cost, confidential counseling related to personal growth, human development and interpersonal relationships. Our services are available to all currently-enrolled UAB students.

We can provide you with confidential counseling, educational materials, and a variety of programs focusing on your overall health. The Center's philosophy comes from a personality model that identifies five dimensions of optimal health: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. We believe that wellness is dependent on our conscious commitment to grow and seek improvement in all of these areas.

Programs and events held throughout the year are designed to provide opportunities to enhance wellness and demonstrate that healthy living can be both practical and enjoyable.

For more information or to contact the Counseling and Wellness Center, please call 205-934-5816.


Our philosophy—no one can solve problems for another person. It is our goal, though, to encourage students as they resolve problem areas and to help them cope with difficulties they are presently experiencing. Our counselors are interested in supporting students as they find solutions. It is the role of the Counseling & Wellness Center counselor to listen, attempt to understand personal perspectives, and to be helpful to the fullest extent of his or her professional training. It is the client’s responsibility to help the counselor learn about his or her life situation, thoughts, and feelings, and to have the courage to try to master identified problem areas.

Free, confidential counseling related to personal growth, human development, and interpersonal relationships is available through the UAB Women's Center and the Counseling & Wellness Center.

An important first step in becoming healthier is to become informed. We want to help. The Counseling & Wellness Center offers informative and interactive weekly groups for students. Each group will consist of five to ten students and meet weekly for 60-90 minutes unless otherwise specified in the group description.

Substance Use Education Group

The Substance Use Education Group is designed to get students talking together about ways to reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol problems. This group will be helpful to you whether you use substances occasionally or daily. We will focus on topics such as recovery and the 12-steps, coping skills to reduce stress, anxiety and depression; as well as discussing the stages of addiction. Don’t try to do it alone. We want to help!

Anger Management: The Group

Come join us for a 6-week, 60-minute, anger management group. The goal is to teach you effective strategies for better control of your explosive emotions all the time. We will talk about anger as a natural human emotion, find out how your family may have influenced your reaction style, recognize predictable anger triggers; and also learn about the ABCDs of Anger Management, the 3 Phases of the Aggression Cycle --- so that you can maintain self-control when you need it most.

Stress—Talk it out!

Our lives are constantly changing. Because of this, our bodies experience stress in an attempt to adjust. This stress can have positive as well as negative feelings associated with it. As a positive influence, stress can motivate action; it can result in a greater awareness or an entirely new perspective. On the flip side, stress can generate feelings of distrust, rejection, anger and depression. These feelings can impair your health by causing headaches, stomach problems, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, or strokes. Many situations bring on a certain amount of stress; the death of a friend or family member, the arrival of a new baby, change of jobs, or a new relationship. How we react to it will determine if stress will help or hinder us.

If you are feeling the symptoms of stress, you have exceeded your optimal stress level; you need to reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing and improve your ability to handle it. One way to do this is to join our support group to learn and practice better stress management skills. We will plan to get together once each week for six weeks. Let’s talk it out!

Couples Group: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

This psychoeducational group is designed for couples who are BOTH currently enrolled students at UAB. It will be based on John Gottman's book: "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work." The group is limited to no more than 6 couples (12 participants) at a time. Couples will be interviewed as part of a screening process. It is not intended for couples who are currently experiencing severe relationship discord.

The Couples Group will meet one time each week for 8 consecutive weeks. Each meeting will last 90 minutes. Dates and times are yet to be determined.

If you are interested in learning more about these group opportunities, please contact the Counseling & Wellness Center at 934-5816. Initial assessments will be required prior to enrollment in the groups.


  • The UAB Counseling & Wellness Center cannot provide counseling for people who are seriously mentally ill. This includes students with acute or chronic clinical conditions or those needing specialized services.
  • When we are not able to provide services, the Counseling & Wellness Center will offer confidential referrals to other UAB and community agencies.
  • We do not offer formal clinical diagnostic evaluations, nor do we dispense any medications.
  • Doctoral and masters-level interns are employed at the Counseling & Wellness Center to help provide health and counseling services.
  • It would be unethical for us to counsel students who are actively involved in personal counseling elsewhere.
  • We provide personal counseling and other services to any UAB student without regard to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.


How do I schedule an appointment to see a counselor?

The process is simple. Call our office at (205) 934-5816. We are located in the Holley-Mears Building, Suite 150 (located at 924 19th Street South). We will ask for your name and contact information, and ask a few brief questions that will assist us in assigning you to a counselor. Once you have been assigned, we'll call you to schedule an appointment. (At times we might have a waiting list. If that is the case, we will inform you of this during the initial contact, and we will try to place you as soon as an opening becomes available. We will also offer you the names and numbers of other agencies that might be able to see you sooner.) We can also contact you by email, if you prefer, but we can not guarantee complete confidentiality of any communication made by email.

What if I am not home when you call?

If you are not available to answer our call, we would not leave a message with another person or with an answering machine asking you to call the Counseling & Wellness Center. This would be a breach of confidentiality. Instead, we will leave a message leaving a counselor's name to call back at 934-5816.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are free of charge to any currently enrolled UAB student. We are unable to provide counseling services for non-students; however, we will gladly refer to other agencies which are able to provide such services.

Aside from counseling services, how else can you help me?

Throughout the year, the Counseling & Wellness Center also provides opportunities to pursue enhanced wellness in a variety of other ways. We are continually designing programs to enhance the well-being of our students. In cooperation with UAB Schools of Public Health, Health Promotion, Nutrition, and others, we are attempting to design and implement educational events to demonstrate that healthy living can be both practical and enjoyable.

(205) 934-5816
Fax: (205) 934-5833
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (M-F)

Physical Address: 150 Holley-Mears Building, 924 19th Street South

Mailing Address: HMB 150, 1530 3rd Ave. S, Birmingham, AL 35294-2100


Jake Baggott
Executive Director of Student Health & Wellness
Community Health Services Bldg, Rm 372
930 20th Street South
(205) 975-4041

Abby Blair, LGSW
Counselor Student II
150 Holley-Mears Building
(205) 934-5816

Consuelo Click, LPC
Counselor Student II
150 Holley-Mears Building
(205) 934-5816

Khoi Bishop, LPC
Counselor Student II
150 Holley-Mears Building
(205) 934-5816

Miranda Johnson, LPC
Counselor Student II
150 Holley-Mears Building
(205) 934-5816

Josefina M. Grove
Office Services Specialist I
150 Holley-Mears Building
(205) 934-5816 or (205) 934-6946