Health & Wellness

Here’s to your health! Because health, both physical and mental, makes a lot of difference when it comes to you being successful. Unfortunately, close quarters, late nights, energy-drink mornings, stress—in other words, college life—can sometimes make students vulnerable to all manner of illness. And that can put a real cramp in your educational pursuits (not to mention your back muscles). That’s where UAB Student Health Services comes in.

  • Student Health Student Health

    There's no need to search around for new healthcare providers. We've got the best of the best right here, ready to serve you.

  • Counseling & Wellness Center Counseling & Wellness Center

    Confidential counseling, educational materials, and a variety of programs focusing on your overall health.

  • Women's Counseling Center Women's Counseling Center

    The Women’s Center provides students no cost, confidential counseling with a focus on women’s issues, sexual assault, sexual harassment and eating disorders.

  • How to Deal with Distressed Students How to Deal with Distressed Students

    Any member of the UAB community may come into contact with a distressed student. Being aware of distress signals, methods of intervention, and sources of help can give you more control in situations that may arise.