To live in student housing, you must be admitted to UAB and be in good standing. “Good standing” means you aren’t on academic or disciplinary suspension. You must be enrolled for 12 credit hours as an undergraduate student each semester (except for summer semester, which is treated differently). You’ll be required to satisfy the following eligibility standards throughout the term of your student-housing contract, and you must inform UAB Student Housing and Residence Life if your status changes. Freshmen aren’t allowed to live alone (i.e., in a single or efficiency apartment) except in extreme circumstances.

  • Apply for student housing as early as possible to help improve your chances of getting the housing options you want. Current residents have priority for choosing efficiencies and single rooms. To help us process your application more efficiently, make sure to select all the housing options you’d be willing to accept—not just your first choice.
  • Review all of your housing options. Don’t forget to check costs and requirements to make sure you’re able to live in the hall of your choice. Then complete a housing application online or on paper.
In signing a contract with Student Housing, you’re agreeing to follow certain community expectations. Student Housing's Residence Life Handbook outlines policies and procedures for living in the residence halls. You will be held accountable for these policies, so please review them before you sign your contract.