Undergraduate Research

The lab is what makes it real.

UAB is known for providing undergrads with opportunities to work with mentors and engage in meaningful research from the very beginning of their academic careers.

Oh, sure, the part in class is really important, and our professors are even good enough to make it interesting and engaging. But you didn’t come to college to watch research happen just from the outside. Which is where UAB’s Office of Undergraduate Research comes into play. It exists for the sole purpose of promoting research by undergraduates. And it’s not just for scientific fields—the office works with students and faculty across all of UAB’s many disciplines to help student researchers find projects and mentors and even get their results published. While still an undergrad. Trust us: This is not something a lot of undergrads get to do.

Hands-on research helps develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, puts a context around your class work, keeps your studies interesting, and puts you in contact with people with whom you in all likelihood will want to know after graduation, as well. Publishing (and sometimes traveling with and presenting) your findings gets your name and your achievements out there while your peers are still waiting to pick up a test tube. If that’s the way you want to go—and it’s a good way to go—we’re happy to help.