Science and Technology

Discoveries are conceived in the classroom and born in the lab. You can’t wait for the birth. And you shouldn’t have to.

As early as your sophomore or even freshman year, you can be putting your class work to real use at the elbow of one of UAB’s world-renowned researchers. As a student in our Science and Technology Honors Program, you’ll be matched up with faculty research mentors who will show you the ropes of real discovery and help you perform their research, find your own results, and prepare it all for publication and presentation. You’ll take special classes and collaborate with other Science and Technology students to work and study. By the end of your undergrad career, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge, an impressive transcript, and credit hours toward a doctoral degree.

The Science and Technology Honors Program is part of the UAB Honors College, grants all of the College’s great benefits, and uses the College’s single application. The application deadline is December 15 of your senior year, so learn what you need to know now and apply right away. Start now, get in the lab soon, become a real researcher while you’re still a student, and see what your future will look like from the business side of the bench.