Student Life


Sure, you’re at college for an education, but that hardly stops at a degree.

A college education involves the whole college experience, whether you’re reading in class, working in the lab, discussing brilliant ideas in a coffee shop, expanding your horizons out in the community, climbing the walls at the Rec Center, or napping on the Campus Green (which isn’t all that educational but certainly is refreshing). We’re a big campus that feels like a small campus, so you’re not going to run out of student groups, activities, and opportunities before you run out of hours in the day. Just remember to take time out to breathe.

  • Dining Dining

    Craving the sort of canned fruit, mystery meat and slightly doughy glop you struggled to choke down all through elementary school? Sorry, we can't help. Instead, think delicious food, wide variety, good prices, lots of places.

  • Housing and Residence Life Housing and Residence Life

    Location, location, location—it’s all about location. At UAB, you can live somewhere convenient to class and food. Nice.

  • Student Activities & Organizations Student Activities & Organizations

    Experts recommend two hours of studying for every hour spent in class. Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep a night. That leaves 67 hours to sit around and get bored—or to get out and do something exciting and entertaining with UAB’s student activities and organizations.

  • Recreation & Intramurals Recreation & Intramurals

    What’s the use of a healthy brain when your body is going to mush? Take advantage of all UAB Campus Recreation has to offer—from weights and cardio classes to kayaking and intramural Wiffle Ball—to get active and stay active.

  • Safety & Security Safety & Security

    Safety is a top priority at UAB; we have an accredited police force that patrols the area 24 hours a day, help phones across campus and an active Campus Watch.

  • Parking Parking

    If you plan to park a vehicle (and yes, that means scooters and motorcycles, too) in a UAB lot, you have to register with UAB Parking and Transportation Services. Which is not hard to do, we promise.

  • Student Media Student Media

    Get involved, get your byline (or your voice) out there, share your views, and make your mark on campus—and beyond campus—with UAB’s active and respected student media.

  • Athletics Athletics

    Students get in free to all UAB home games—which is awesome, because there are a lot of home games, and you’ll want to see them all.