Housing and Residence Life

icon125_bed Location, location, location—it’s all about location.

Maybe you want to live somewhere convenient to class and to food. Maybe you want a quick hike from your room to your friend’s room to the Campus Rec Center. Maybe you anticipate a pajama-clad stumble from your room to Starbucks first thing in the morning. UAB’s on-campus residence halls may be right up your alley.

Apply (MyHousing)

Apply ButtonMyHousing lets you take care of your housing application, housing deposit, room assignment, roommate selection, and housing contracts and updates online—it’s quick, convenient, and always on.

  • Apply (MyHousing)

    MyHousing is your way to take care of your room arrangements—application, deposit, contract, room assignment, roommate selection, and more—online. Take control of your living arrangements, and do it when it works for you.


Eligibility ButtonAre you eligible for on-campus housing? Probably. We sure hope so, anyway. Look at our eligibility standards to make sure you qualify.

Important Dates

Important Dates ButtonCritical dates for housing from application deadlines to move-in and everything in between.

Residence Halls

Residence Halls ButtonDormitories? Hardly. UAB students get suites and apartments, not cramped rooms and communal bathrooms. And they get a sense of community with students who share their interests and experiences—and students who have different interests and experiences to share.

  • Honors College Housing

    Get closer to your Honors College peers with a special housing community just for motivated, hard-working students like you.

  • Camp Hall

    Choose on-campus apartment-style living.

  • Blazer Hall

    University Business magazine calls it a “Dorm of Distinction,” but it’s not really a dorm.


Policies ButtonWhile you’re living under our roof, you’re living by our rules. (But they’re good rules—you’re adults, and we recognize that.) A few basic policies make life better for you and everyone else in your residence hall.

  • Meal Plans

    You gotta eat, right? (Hint: Yes, you do have to eat.) We offer seven meal plans—pick one that will satisfy your appetite and your budget.

  • Guests

    Let’s keep everyone safe (and happy). Our rules for guests and visitors help us keep the residence halls secure and respectful. Still fun, of course. But also secure and respectful.

  • What to Bring & Not to Bring to Campus

    We’ve been doing this a long time—let our list help you decide what to pack for college.

  • Residence Life Handbook

    We’re proud to offer more services than you’d ever think you’d need to make your residential life easy. We’re also proud to have rules and policies to keep you safe. Our Residence Hall Handbook lays it out for you.


Features ButtonTo get the most out of your residence hall experience, familiarize yourself with the features and advantages that make UAB’s campus a great place to live.

  • Staff/Resident Assistants

    If you have a question or problem, there’s always someone to turn to just down the hall.

  • Advantages to Living on Campus

    It’s not about the room—it’s about what’s going on around the room, and what that means for you. (The rooms are nice, though.)

  • Residence Hall Features

    It’s the little luxuries and fun amenities that make on-campus housing a home.

  • Safety & Security

    Safety is a top priority at UAB; we have an accredited police force that patrols the area 24 hours a day, help phones across campus and an active Campus Watch.