What to Expect

UAB isn’t satisfied with excellence in just one area—anyone can do that.

A really thorough, well-rounded educational experience—not just the education, but the experience, too—requires excellence all across campus.

Health and science your thing? UAB is the only university in the state to offer a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. We have honors programs that take you away from the books and into the clinic with actual doctors or into the lab with actual researchers to explore what you’ll actually be doing with your life. You can publish your research and even present at conferences while students at other universities are still stuck face down in their books.

But if you’re assuming that UAB’s strengths in health care and research come at the expense of less-sciencey programs, you’re wrong. (And one should never assume things, now should one?)

If you’re into music, you’ll be studying under world-renowned performers, in ridiculous performance spaces, to make your music your own—from the symphony band to the gospel choir to the computer music ensemble. Visual arts—similarly awesome, sometimes kind of weird, always groundbreaking. Business—our accounting students earn top scores on the state CPA exam, our finance majors pass the CFA exam at a rate 20 percent higher than the national average, and our students get to learn real business from real businesspeople out in the real business world. Music—wait, no, we did that one already. Engineering—our students spice up their classroom studies with Baja cars and trips to Zambia. (One of our engineering alums works for a toy company. How cool is that?)

UAB students get to do cool stuff. And they’re happy. (Seriously, we’ve gotten ranked for it—11th in the nation.) Don’t you want to be happy and do cool stuff?