MA 106 Placement Test

The MA 106 Placement Test determines if you are prepared for MA 106 (Precalculus Trigonometry). Take this test if you want to challenge your placement into MA 105.

General test information:

  • 30 multiple choice and free response questions.
  • Time limit of 50 minutes.
  • A scientific calculator may be used.
  • Scratch paper is allowed.
  • You must score 80% or higher to be eligible for MA 106.

Topics covered:

  • Distance and midpoint formulas.
  • Equation of a circle.
  • Lines. Slope.
  • Slope-intercept and point-slope form of the equation of a line.
  • Concept of relation and function. Functions from algebraic, geometric (graphical), and numerical points of view.
  • Function notation. Algebra of functions.
  • Library of basic functions.
  • Interpreting graphs of functions (recognizing intervals of increasing, decreasing, identifying maximum or minimum values of a function).
  • Symmetry for graphs of equations in two variables. Even and odd functions.
  • Composite function.
  • Inverse function.
  • Graphing transformations.
  • Quadratic function, properties, graphing, applications.
  • Building functions from real-life situations.
  • Polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions, properties, graphing.
  • Complex and real roots of polynomials.
  • Polynomial and rational inequalities.
  • Solving exponential equations.
  • Properties of logarithms.
  • Solving logarithmic equations.
  • Applications and modeling, both scientific and business.