Visit UAB

125welcome There’s a lot you can learn about UAB from our website, but experiencing UAB in person will give you so much more.

You need to come over and see how great we are firsthand. Tour campus. Tour the city. Meet a few professors, talk with current students, have a meal at the dining commons, and explore the community you’ll live in when you’re a Blazer.

We’re really fun to hang out with. We’ll even autograph a hat for you, and you can tell people we’re totally best buds.

  • Campus Tours Campus Tours

    Want to tour the campus with a current student, visit classrooms, check out the residence halls, eat some food, talk with an admission counselor? We can make it happen. Easy.

  • Birmingham Birmingham

    We love Birmingham. It’s a big, bustling city that feels kind of like a small town with lots of things to do. And it’s more than just our neighborhood—it’s home.

  • Transfer UAB Day Transfer UAB Day

    We’ve got several really good reasons for students like you to transfer to UAB—reasons related to the quality of our academics, the atmosphere of our campus, and the shiny awesomeness of our facilities. And we’ll share all those reasons with you when you come to visit us.