Foreign Language Placement Tests

If you have never taken a foreign language course, you do not need to take a test. You will begin with a 101 foreign language course.

If you have had one or more years of a foreign language in high school (within the last two years), you must take a test in that language before enrolling in 100-level classes.

Native speakers of French, German, and Spanish cannot take a beginning course in their native languages for credit. They must take the online placement test to determine the appropriate level.

You can take placement tests in French, German, and Spanish from any Internet-linked computer. Go to and click “FL Placement Test”. Then follow the directions to take the exam. Both you and UAB will see the results immediately, along with a recommendation for the level of classes you should take. Please print a copy of your result to take to your advisor.

For additional information, please contact the UAB testing center at (205) 934-3704 or e-mail