For the first time since 2008, parking citation fees will increase for the 2018-19 academic year. The increases are set to begin September 1, 2018. Any citation received on or after September 1, 2018 will be  based on the new rates for citation fees.

The increase in prices was determined after a comprehensive parking and transportation study, which determined the needs of students, faculty and staff. The study also served as a basis for developing a five-year plan to manage existing and future demand, create a more fiscally sustainable transportation system and improve customer service for the entire UAB enterprise that is compatible with the campus master plan. Citation increases are one step in executing the five-year plan.

Type of Citation

Previous Fee

New Fee

No Valid Permit Displayed



Parking Out-of-Zone or Lot



Expired Permit



Meter Violation/

Over-time Parking



Improper Parking

(i.e., Parking in Drive, Parking on Grass)



Parking in Prohibited Area



Other Parking Violation

$25.00 - $100.00

$25.00 - $100.00

Handicap parking without proper permit




The main purpose for Parking Enforcement citations is to provide customer service to those that park within regulations. It is meant to help ease parking situations for those that pay for a parking permit and that follow the UAB Transportation parking and traffic policies. Reviewing and following the regulations can help to eliminate the chances of receiving a parking citation.

Payment of Fines

All UAB fines are payable on or before 14 days after the citation issue date. All fines not paid on or before the due date shall be considered delinquent. Collection for the citation(s) follows:

Unpermitted Parkers  

Citations will be billed to the vehicle owner with a late fee of $5.00 added to each overdue citation.

Employee Permitted Parkers  

Past due citations will  be deducted from payroll. A $5.00 late fee will apply to each citation. 

Student Permitted Parkers

Past due citations will be sent to student accounting for collection. A collection fee of $2.00 per citation will be added to the student account.

Citation Appeals

Appeals will be accepted up to fourteen days after the citation issue date. Appeals can be made in person, in writing, by fax, or by e-mail. The appeal must include the individual's return address, Blazer ID, if applicable, and original citation or citation number. A complete description of the circumstances, including maps where appropriate, must be included. The Appeals panel will review submitted appeals the first and third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. All decisions will be mailed to the appellants. Denied appeals will be subject to the $5.00 late fee. All decisions of the Appeals Panel are final.

Parking Enforcement General Information

Customer Service: 205-934-3513
Fax Number: 205-975-9529
Address: 608 8th Street South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294
E-mail Address:

Enforcement Hours

UAB'S parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including UAB recognized holidays. Enforcement areas include all University property, as well as metered areas, parking lots and decks.

Enforcement Division

UAB Transportation has a designated group of employees whose sole responsibility is the enforcement of the parking rules and regulations for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The group has the authority to ticket, and/or immobilize vehicles in violation of the University's parking regulations. UAB has the authority to tow vehicles when deemed necessary to do so.

Special Event Parking

Parking facilities may be restricted for use during special events. The University reserves the right to temporarily block certain areas to accommodate these special events. Rules and regulations regarding the parking of vehicles in the affected areas are still applicable.


Each violation of the rules and regulations will subject the violator to a fine, vehicle immobilization, vehicle impoundment, and/or disciplinary action. 
*NOTE: Signage or ticket takes precedent over fines listed on this website.

Violations Resulting in Vehicle Immobilization   

Three or more delinquent citations or total delinquent citations higher than $60.00 will result in vehicle immobilization. Situations involving repeated willful violations, unusually flagrant violations, and/or injuring or endangering the safety of persons or property are also subject to immobilization.

Violations Resulting in Vehicle Impoundment

When an unattended vehicle constitutes, or is likely to constitute, a hazard or obstruction to traffic, the vehicle may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. 

Violations Resulting in Possible Disciplinary Action for Employees or Students 

  • Unauthorized transfer of permit or access card.   
  • Use of a stolen permit. 
  • Giving false information to obtain parking privileges.   
  • Unauthorized use of access card or permit.
  • Alteration of permits or park cards.
  • Fraudulent duplication of permits

City of Birmingham Loading Zone Specifications

If signage states “No Parking/Loading Zone,” the space is designated for active loading or unloading of cargo. Loading Zones are limited to 30 minutes. Areas designated “Passenger Loading Zone” allow a passenger vehicle to temporarily stop while a passenger embarks or disembarks. These spaces are not intended to be used for parking for any duration. At no time should a passenger vehicle be left unattended in these spaces.  Failure to comply may subject the vehicle to citation or towing.