Official Business Permits

There are two types of Official Business permits:  individual and departmental.  An application can be obtained from our office or by clicking on application to the left.  Individual permit applications can be found under the Employee section.  Memos for either type of permit will not be accepted as a substitute.  Permit fees are payable in advance by internal requisition.  The following criteria must be met for departments:

  • Use of permit must be relevant to conducting job responsibilities. 

  • Use of UAB Campus Ride is not deemed adequate to meet job requirements. 

  • Destination points are not accessible from non-resident student lot locations (all non-remote employee permits are honored in student lots). 

  • Does not have use of a state vehicle. 


$300.00 - Yearly issuance fee for departments with NO state vehicle(Jan-Dec)
$600.00 - Yearly issuance fee for departments with state vehicle(Jan-Dec)
$30.00 - Replacement fee for lost permit

$20.00 - Replacement fee for lost parking access card

Public Validations
Departments who wish to subsidize their visitors/patients' parking can do so through the validation process.  With a validator, the department is assigned a unique code and charged all actual fees calculated as each patron exits either the 6th Avenue, University Boulevard, or 9th Avenue decks.  There is a 10% discount for a validation contract.  For example, if a validated customer exits for $6, then the fee charged to the department is $5.40.  A setup charge of $750 is payable for the purchase of the validator.

For those departments that need an occasional validation for a specific event, the department can pay a $25 rental fee for the validator and take advantage of the 10% discount savings on the validated tickets collected for the event.

Consultants and Volunteers
Consultants or volunteers can purchase parking in available facilities if public parking decks cannot accommodate their need.  Remote parking is available for this group as well.  Parking can be paid by cash, check, or credit card, in advance.  It can also be paid by the sponsoring department, if the consultant's contract or volunteer's agreement includes this provision.

Parking Permits
State vehicles are required to purchase parking for the areas where they park.  The rates are the same as employee parking, and payable by internal requisition in advance.

Reserved Patient/Visitor Spaces
Departments can purchase parking for their business needs, on a limited basis and based on availability.  Payment is calculated on the current rate of the public decks and average demand in the facility area.  The department accepts internal requisitions for the parking fees, payable in advance.