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About This Site
WOW.UAB.EDU has new features to help you experience the Antarctic research adventure. Click the Sights/Sounds button to see a video of Palmer Station and a gallery of photos taken by our research team and award-winning photographer Norbert Wu during previous Antarctic expeditions. A new “zoom” feature has been added to the photos that allows you to enlarge the image and read the captions.

WOW! You've never seen anything like it on a university Web site. WOW.UAB.EDU is an interactive Web site that lets you share the adventure of discovery with UAB researchers and students as they travel around the world and into the depths of microscopic worlds.

WOW.UAB.EDU is an active Web site -- information is updated regularly, and you can participate by sending questions to faculty and students as you follow the progress of their research adventures every step of the way.

Through the firsthand accounts of researchers you’ll find out what it’s really like to live and work in some of the world’s most remote locations, search for the cure to diseases like cancer an AIDS, and probe the mysteries of life.

Of special interest are the student diaries that share what it’s like to be on the adventure of a life time at UAB, where students can become part of a groundbreaking research team as early as their freshman year.

WOW.UAB.EDU brings the thrill of discovery to you in a fun format that will continue to evolve as the site grows and you tell us how we can make the adventure more exciting and informative. As we grow, from one to three research events will be prominently showcased and information on other educational events and resources at UAB will be made available.

In our first outing, travel to Antarctica with a team of researchers led by UAB scientists James McClintock, Ph.D., and Charles Amsler, Ph.D., as they venture to the end of the earth, diving into the rich peninsula waters of Antarctica to investigate the chemical ecology of a kaleidoscopic array of marine organisms.

McClintock, dean of the UAB School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Amsler, associate professor of biology, and their team will share breathtaking images of their field research, above and below the icy waters, and their personal experiences in journal entries.

Stay tuned to WOW.UAB.EDU and become part of the adventure and discovery of groundbreaking research at UAB.

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