Current and Previous S-022 Research

We have published five reviews (McClintock and Baker 1997a, 1998; Amsler et al. 2000a, 2001a, 2001b) that provide context and an overview of our research, primarily focusing on our work in McMurdo Sound prior to 2000. More recent reviews that include results from both McMurdo and Palmer Station include one focusing on sponge ecology (McClintock et al. 2005), one on natural products chemistry (Lebar et al. 2007), and two on macroalgal chemical defenses (Amsler et al. 2008, 2009).
Our project has conducted field work at Palmer Station on Anvers Island and at McMurdo Station on Ross Island. Our first field season at Palmer Station was March to May 2000 and we have returned there for six seasons since (the most recent expedition was January to June 2008 with two more planned for early 2010 and 2011). Our research at Palmer station is centered around the chemical ecology both macroalgae and invertebrates. Prior to 2000, our field seasons were all at McMurdo Station and field camps in McMurdo Sound. Our research there focused on the chemical ecology of benthic invertebrates. We expect that future research projects will occur at both stations.Antarctica

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